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Enoch Drake (1655 - 1698)


Drake Generation 3 in America

Gay # *


1.  Parents: .


2.  Birth: .


    Death: .


3.  Wife: Sarah Porter


a. Birth: 1655.


b. Marriage: 11 November 1680. 


c. Death: 1730/31.


d. Parents: .


Daughter of John Porter, Jr. (d. 2 Aug 1688) and Mary Stanley (d. 13 Sep 1688), Sarah was born 5 September 1655 and married Enoch Drake (11) on 11 November 1680.  (Does not quite agree with Matthew Grant's statement when he recorded the marriage as follows: "both 25 yere ould, Sara 5 of last Juen enoch ye 8 of nixt month.")


After Enoch's death Sarah married for a second time to Lieutenant Josiah Barber, son of John Barber and father of Rebecca (Barber) Drake (12)(see p. 149), on 5 November 1701.  This made Sarah Porter both the stepmother and mother-in-law of Rebecca (Barber) Drake (12).  Josiah had first married Abigail, daughter of Nathaniel Loomis and Elizabeth Moore, on 22 November 1677.  Abigail died leaving Lieutenant Barber a family of six children, five of whom were mentioned in his will.


Josiah Barber was a wheel wright.  His will states that he possessed none of the property that his wife, Sarah, had from her former husband: "For she disposed of the same unbeknown to me." Josiah bequeathed Sarah "a feather-bed, a mare and a cowe to be her own forever, and one year's provisions," besides a fair share of his estate.  His will was proved 6 January 1729/30.


The estate of Sarah, widow of Enoch Drake (11) and Josiah Barber, was probated 4 January 1730/31.  The agreement of the heirs of Sarah (Porter)(Drake) Barber was signed by Enoch Drake, Jr., Nathaniel Drake, Benoni Trumble, Remembrance Shelding/Sheldon, Sarah (Drake)

Trumble, and Hannah Shelding/Sheldon "only heirs of our honoured Mother" on 30 February 1731/32.  Sarah died 13 December 1730/31.


4.  Children:


a.  : (Gay #)


1.  Nathaniel Drake (12)  (1685-1769)


2.  Sarah Drake


Born 31 May 1681 at Windsor, Connecticut, Sarah married Captain Benoni Trumbull (b. 10 Aug 1684 at Suffield, CN) at Windsor 31 August 1709.  He was the son of Joseph and Hannah (Smith) Trumbull and uncle of Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull.  Sarah died 8 May 1742 at Hebron, Connecticut.  Benoni Trumbull married for a second time to Hannah (Post) Bliss, daughter of Deacon Phineas Post and widow of Reverend John Bliss of Hebron, on 27 October 1742.  Hannah (Post)(Bliss) Trumbull died 7 May 1759, age 67.  Captain Benoni Trumbull married a third time in January 1760 to Phebe Post at Gilead, a parish of Hebron.  Phebe died 19 September 1762.  He married for a fourth time in 1763 to Margaret Warner (Warnes).  Captain Trumbull died at Hebron, Connecticut on 24 July 1770.  His will, dated 24 November 1757, named his (2nd) wife, Hannah; son, Benjamin (to whom he gave his dwelling house); daughter, Hannah (Trumbull) Archer; and granddaughters, Esther and Sarah Mack.


Benoni and Sarah Trumbull had these children:


a.  Sarah Trumbull: Born 26 August 1710 at Lebanon, Connecticut.  Married 25 February 1735/6 to Ezekiel Thomas.  Sarah died 18 December 1736, probably from complications of child birth.  They had a son:


(1)  Ezekiel Thomas, Jr.:  Born 15 December 1736.  Died 18 May 1737.


b.  Ensign Benjamin Trumbull: Born 11 May 1712 at Lebanon, Connecticut.  Married (1st) Mary Brown (d. 18 Nov 1763) at Hebron, Connecticut on 9 January 1734/5.  Benjamin married for a second time to widow Abigail Loomis (b. 1720, d. 25 Feb 1810) of Bolton, Connecticut on 24 May 1764.  He was appointed an Ensign of a Company in the Parish of Gilead, Town of Hebron in May 1758.  Benjamin died about 1793.  Benjamin and Mary had these children:


(1)  Reverend Benjamin Trumbull, Jr.:  Born 19 December 1735.  Married at Hebron, Connecticut on 4 December 1760 to Martha Phelps (b. 23 Sep 1732, d. 21 Jun 1825), daughter of Ichabod and Martha (Tillotson) Phelps.  Benjamin graduated from Yale in 1759 and was ordained in the church at North Haven.  He was a Chaplain in the 1st Connecticut Regiment during the Revolutionary War.  He was perhaps best remembered as the author of "A History of Connecticut," published in 1797 and 1818.  Benjamin died 2 February 1820 at North Haven, Connecticut.  He and Martha had the following children:


(a)  Martha Trumbull:  Married a Woodward.

(b)  Mary Trumbull:  Married an Eastman.

(c)  Hannah Trumbull:  Married a Bishop.

(d)  Benjamin Trumbull, III.


(2)  Asaph Trumbull:  Born 1 March 1738.  Married Zilpah Phelps on 4 December 1760.  Asaph died in February 1821.  Zilpah died at Hebron, Connecticut in 1823, age 77.


(3)  Mary Trumbull:  Born 13 February 1741/2.  Married 1 January 1761 to Ichabod Phelps, Jr. of Hebron.


(4)  David Trumbull:  Born 8 April 1744.  Died 23 June 1744.


(5)  Sarah Trumbull:  Born 11 July 1745.  Married 20 November 1766 to Asahel Skinner of Bolton.


(6)  Esther Trumbull:  Born 18 December 1748.  Married 5 April 1770 to Ebenezer Carver.


(7)  Hannah Trumbull:  Born 27 December 1751.  Died 7 November 1754.


c.  Hannah Trumbull: Born 12 May 1716 at Hebron, Connecticut.  Married 22 April 1742 to Benjamin Archer.


d.  Esther Trumbull: Born at Hebron on 22 August 1722.  Married 21 April 1743 to Josiah Mack, Jr. (b. 19 Aug 1720, d. 24 May 1812).  Esther died 14 May 1747, perhaps from complications of child birth.  Esther and Josiah had two daughters:


(1)  Esther Mack: Born 26 December 1744.


(2)  Sarah Mack: Born 30 April 1747.


3.  Enoch Drake, Jr.


Born 5 May 1683 at Windsor, Connecticut, Enoch Drake, Jr. lived in the part of Windsor that became the town of Bloomfield, but was then known as Wintonbury Parish.  He was admitted to the Congregational Church there on 20 May 1770 at the age of 87.  He married (1st) Elizabeth Barber (d. 2 Apr 1717, probably from complications of child birth with daughter, Hannah) on 20 April 1704 (Note:  this marriage is not recorded in ref 153/157).


Enoch married for a second time to Lydia Cook (d. 16/18 May 1718), daughter of Moses Cook and Elizabeth Clark.  He married for a third time on 6 May 1719 to Dorcas Eggleston (b. 7 Sep 1692, d. 18 May 1751, "age perhaps 68 years"), daughter of Corporal John and Esther (Mills) Eggleston.


Enoch died 17 November 1776, age 94.  His will, dated 17 March 1774, mentions "Wife Sarah," who may be the Widow Sarah Drake who died 3 September 1794, in her 87th year according to the Wintonbury Church Records, which means he may have married for a 4th time.  Enoch and Elizabeth had the following children:


a.  "Sergeant" Enoch Drake, III: Born 12 January 1705/6 at Windsor.  Married Mary Barber (b. 1712, d. 7 Jan 1781, age 69), daughter of Joseph Barber and Mary Loomis (or Nathaniel Barber and Mary Filley) on 1 May 1735.  Enoch lived in the parish of Wintonbury, later Bloomfield, Connecticut.  He died 4 January 1782 and was buried in the old cemetery at Bloomfield.  Enoch and Mary had the following children:


(1)  Mary Drake:  Born 31 December 1736.  Married Joel Barber (b. 22 Oct 1736, baptized 24 Oct 1736), son of John and Jane (Alford) Barber, at Wintonbury on 23 November 1758 (see p. 97-98).  Mary and Joel settled in Harwinton, Connecticut about 1760 and had these children:


(a)  Joel Barber, Jr.:  Born 1 July 1760.  Died 1 April 1820, age 60.

(b)  William Barber:  Born 1762.  Married (?) Thompson of Avon and had at least 3 sons.

(c)  Aaron Barber:  Born 1764.  Moved south about 1815.


(2)  Elizabeth Drake:  Born 14 November 1739.  Married John Matson.  Died 14 February 1772.


(3)  Enoch Drake, IV:  Born 24 August 1741 at Windsor.  Baptized at Wintonbury on 30 August 1741.  Married 25 August 1763 to Sibyl Griswold (b. 17 Apr 1742, d. 14 Aug 1829 at Granville, age 88), daughter of David and Huldah (Brown) Griswold.  Enoch lived in Wintonbury.  He died on 10 December 1773 and was buried in the old cemetery at Bloomfield, Connecticut.  Sibyl married for a second time to Elisha Rose of Granville, Massachusetts on 17 April 1777.  Enoch and Sibyl had the following children:


(a)  Sibyl Drake:  Baptized at Wintonbury on 6 December 1767.

(b)  Enoch Drake, V #1:  Baptized at Wintonbury on 25 December 1770.  Died 2 March 1772.

(c)  Enoch Drake, V #2:  Baptized at Wintonbury on 4 October 1772.


1790 U.S. Census:  No record of an (approx. 18-year old) Enoch Drake as head of a household in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Vermont.  Perhaps he was living with a child. (refs 34b,c,f, and g)


(4)  Elijah Drake:  Born 20 June 1744.  Married Jerusha.  He died 5 May 1783.


(5)  Eunice Drake:  Born 22 June 1749 at Windsor.  Married 12 November 1772 at Wintonbury to Darius Segur (b. 25 Jul 1751 in Windsor), son of Joseph Segur.  Eunice and Darius probably moved west.  They had these children:


(a)  Darius Segur, Jr.:  Born 30 July 1773.

(b)  Elijah Segur:  Born 1 November 1778.

(c)  Hezekiah Segur:  Born 10 May 1780.

(d)  Eunice Segur:  Born 24 October 1786.

(e)  Lydia Segur:  Born 8 September 1789.


(6)  Major Joseph Drake:  Born and baptized 25 August 1751 in the Wintonbury parish of Windsor.  Married 19 November 1772 to Lois Pierce, daughter of Samuel Pierce.  Joseph and Lois moved to Southwick, Massachusetts, where Lois died in August 1811.  They had at least the following children:


(a)  Joseph Drake, Jr.:  Baptized 29 February 1773.

(b)  Samuel Pierce Drake:  Baptized 9 November 1777.

(c)  Amos Drake:  Born in 1782.

(d)  Jeremiah Drake:  Born in 1789.


(7)  Sarah Drake:  Baptized at Wintonbury 7 December 1755.  Married 1 February 1753 to Ephraim Barber (d. 30 Aug 1813), son of Isaac Barber of Simsbury, Connecticut.  They lived in Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  Sarah died 4 September 1832, age 77.  Sarah and Ephraim had the following children:


(a)  Ephraim Barber, Jr.:  Baptized 22 February 1788.

(b)  Unknown child baptized 3 August (?).

(c)  Alvin Barber:  Baptized 14 June 1789.  Died 13 January 1820, age 30.

(d)  Rosilla Barber:  Baptized 3 March 1793.  Died 27 June 1818, age 25.

(e)  Abiram Barber:  Baptized 4 June 1796.

(f)  Sarah Barber:  Married Augustus Humphrey of Canton on 19 February 1811.

(g)  Hannah Barber:  Married an Atwater.


b.  Elizabeth Drake: Born 3 February 1707/8.  Married John Gillett (b. 11 Sep 1707, d. 24 Dec 1800), son of Daniel Gillett and Mary Eno of Windsor on 30 September 1731.  Elizabeth died 5 January 1802, age 93.  Both are buried in the old cemetery in Windsor.  Elizabeth and John had these children:


(1)  Elizabeth Gillett:  Born 26 September 1732.


(2)  Lucy Gillett:  Born 23 November 1735.


(3)  John Gillett, Jr.:  Twin.  Born 30 July 1738.


(4)  Jabez Gillett:  Twin.  Born 30 July 1738.


(5)  Ann Gillett:  Born 16 August 1740.  Baptized 17 August 1740.


(6)  Prudence Gillett:  Born 22 May 1743.  Baptized 29 May 1743.


(7)  Unnamed son:  Born and died 20 April 1746.


(8)  Daniel Gillett:  Born 22 November 1748.


c.  Eunice (Emma) Drake: Born in 1712.  Married (his second wife) Isaac Hayden (b. 3 Jul 1706, d. 20 Sep 1777), son of Daniel Hayden and Elizabeth Gibbs, on 25 January 1753.  Isaac had married first Hannah Stiles in 1736 and had 8 children.  Eunice died 27 November 1804, age 95, and was buried in the Windsor cemetery.  Eunice and Isaac had three children:


(1)  Eunice Hayden:  Born 17 November 1754.


(2)  Lucy Hayden:  Born 30 December 1755.


(3)  Ezra Hayden:  Born 27 February 1758.


d.  Lois Drake: Born 15 June 1710 at Windsor.  Died 3/30 October 1793, age 83.  Married (1st) Matthew Holcomb, son of Joshua Holcomb, Jr. and Hannah Carrington, on 20 January 1729/30.  Lois and Matthew were divorced in March 1743/4 after having the following children:


(1)  Matthew Holcomb, Jr.:  Born 30 May 1730.


(2)  Elijah Holcomb:  Born 5 March 1731/32.


(3)  Eli Holcomb:  Born 30 August 1734.


(4)  Lois Holcomb:  Born 25 October 1736.


Of interest, in his will, probated 29 May 1779, Matthew Holcomb wrote: "First, being penitent and sorry from the bottom of my heart for my past sins," which might elude to the circumstances that resulted in divorce.  He gave all of his estate to Isaac Phelps.


Lois (Drake) Holcomb married for a second time to Henry Wright of Springfield, Massachusetts and had the following children:


(1)  John Wright:  Born 14 October 1748.


(2)  Moses Wright:  Born 1 October 1750.  Died in December 1804.


(3)  Sybel Wright:  Born 11 September 1752.


e.  Noah Drake: Born 13 June 1714 at Windsor.  Married Hannah Skinner (b. 1 Sep 1720, d. 19 Jun 1793), daughter of Isaac Skinner and Hannah Moore (also see p. 139, para c), at Wintonbury on 1 October 1741.  Noah died at Torrington, Connecticut; his estate was probated at Litchfield on 29 November 1804.


1790 U.S. Census:  (ref 35a,b,c) There was a Noah Drake heading a household in Windsor, Connecticut.  The household included 1 male over 16 years old and 1 female.  There was also a Noah Drake in both Litchfield, Connecticut and Chesterfield, Massachusetts.  However, those households included children under 16, which would not be likely for a man who was 76 years old.


Noah and Hannah had 9 children from 1743 to 1762:


(1)  Noah Drake, Jr. #1:  Born 30 May 1743.  Died 12 days later on 12 June.


(2)  Noah Drake, Jr. #2:  Born 5 May 1744.  Died 21 July 1744, age 11 weeks.


(3)  Noah Drake, Jr. #3:  Born 3 September 1745.  Died 25 October 1745, age 7 weeks.


(4)  Hannah Drake:  Baptized 26 October 1746.  Married 4 May 1768 in Wintonbury to Zaccheus Munsell (b. 17 Aug 1745, d. 23 Sep 1794 at Enfield), son of Calkins Munsell.  They lived in East Windsor and Torrington, then finally settled in Enfield, Connecticut where they joined the Shakers.  Hannah died 28 April 1831, age 84.  She was not named in her father's will, perhaps because she was a Shaker.  Hannah and Zaccheus had the following children:


(a)  Hannah Munsell:  Born 14 May 1769.  Died with the Shakers in Enfield.

(b)  Zaccheus Munsell, Jr.: Born 16 April 1771.

(c)  Susanna Munsell:  Born 14 April 1773.  Married 10 March 1796 to Ira Grant of Torrington.  Susanna died 10 March 1861.

(d)  Levi Munsell:  Born 9 Sep 1775.  Died at Torrington on 28 April 1833.

(e)  Agnes Munsell:  Born 23 February 1778.  Lived and died with the Shakers at Enfield.

(f)  Submit Munsell:  Born 17 June 1780.  Died with the Shakers.


(5)  Ira Drake:  Born in 1749.  Died 23 December 1749, age 4 weeks.


(6)  Moses Drake:  Born 23 May 1751 at Windsor.  Baptized at Wintonbury on 9 June 1751.  Married 3 May 1783 to Abigail Hubbard (b. 24 Sep 1758, d. 29

Nov 1849), daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Cadwell) Hubbard.  Moses served in the Revolutionary War and Abigail applied for a pension.  He died in Winchester on 4 July 1831 and is buried with Abigail at Newfield, Torrington, Connecticut. Moses and Abigail had the following children:


(a)  Abigail Drake:  Born in February 1784.  Married (1st) to Stephen Wheadon.  Married (2nd) to Noah Humphrey (d. 1867 in Winchester) of Goshen, Connecticut after 1821.  Married (3rd) to Deacon Noah Rogers of Cornwall.

(b)  Chloe Drake:  Born in January 1786.  Married to Grove Weslin (b. 2 Jun 1793).  They went West to settle in Ohio.  Chloe died 28 August 1823.

(c)  Moses Drake, Jr.:  Born 14 February 1788 at Windsor.  Died 10 April 1859.  Married (1st) 29 November 1815 to Lucy Shepard (b. 31 May 1792, d. 5 Jun 1838), daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Spencer) Shepard.  Married (2nd) 29 October 1839 to Rhuby (North) Loomis (b. 28 Jul 1790, d. 16 May 1875), widow of Orrin Loomis and daughter of Junius and Sabrina (Fyler) North.  Moses and Lucy had 7 children.  They are buried in Newfield Cemetery, Torrington, Connecticut. (ref 77, p. 110)

(d)  Roxa Drake:  Born in March 1790.  Died at age 17.

(e)  Ira Drake:  Born in 1792.  Died 8 March 1794.

(f)  Lucy Drake:  Born 18 April 1796.  Married (1st) Herman Hinsdale (b. 31 Mar 1789, d. 12/13 Sep 1831 at Hudson, OH), son of Captain Elisha Hinsdale, on 9 October 1817 at Torrington, Connecticut.  They lived in Portage County, Ohio.  Married (2nd) in 1841 at Hudson to Owen Brown (d. 1855), father (by prev marriage) of John Brown, the celebrated Abolitionist who was hanged.  Lucy died in 1876.  Lucy and Herman had 8 children.

(g)  Huldah Drake:  Born in 1804/6.  Married 27 June 1825 to William Yale Ford (b. 27 Aug 1802, d. 18 Nov 1881 in Kingston, Ross County, OH) and lived in Stratsborough, Portage County, Ohio.  Huldah died 12 January 1846 in Benton, Hocking County, Ohio.  She and William had 4 children.


(7)  Lucy Drake:  Born 8 May 1754.  Married 4 February 1779 to Silas Fyler (b. 22 Mar 1752, d. 15 Aug 1812).  Lucy died 13 August 1812 and is buried with Silas in the Bolivar Cemetery near Chittenango, New York.  Lucy and Silas had the following children:


(a)  Lucy Fyler:  Born 26 February 1780.

(b)  Silas Fyler, Jr.:  Born 31 May 1782.

(c)  Shayler Fyler:  Born 9 December 1786.

(d)  Erastus Fyler:  Born 2 October 1789.


(8)  Noah Drake, Jr. #4:  Born 10 September 1758 in Wintonbury Parish, Windsor, Connecticut.  Married Anna Parsons (b. 7 May 1764, d. 27 Oct 1842, age 79), daughter of Hezekiah and Hannah Parsons.  Noah died at Torrington on 3 March 1849, age 90.  Both are buried in the Newfield Cemetery, Torrington.  Noah and Anna had the following children:


(a)  Noah Drake, III:  Born in Wintonbury.  Married Polly Fyler (b. 13 Mar 1784, d. 2 Mar 1874, age 90), daughter of Captain Stephen and Polly (Collier) Fyler of Torrington, at Winchester, Connecticut on 27 October 1804.  Noah died 1 November 1874, age 91.  They had two children: Mary Ann Drake and Flora Philecta Drake.

(b)  Hezekiah Drake:  Born 7 March 1789.  Married Lucy Covey (b. 27 Oct 1790, d. 28 May 1861), daughter of (?) and Sarah (Burdick) Covey, on 21 February 1814.  They lived in Torrington.  Hezekiah died 4 March 1882.  They had 4 children: Edwin Covey Drake; Sally Ann Drake; Chester Parsons Drake; and Lucia Wade Drake.

(c)  Rufus Drake:  Born 1791.  Married Hannah Hubbard (b. 1794, d. 23 Mar 1860 at Winchester).  Rufus died 15 April 1874, age 83.  Rufus and Hannah had 3 children: Lucius Morgan Drake; Lauren Norton Drake; and Francis Wheaton Drake.


(9)  Annis Drake:  Born 15 January 1762.  Married 12 February 1789 at Torrington to Aaron Loomis (b. 25 May 1766, d. before 1809), son of Ephraim Loomis.  Annis (Drake) Loomis died in 1814.  She and Aaron had these children:


(a)  Aaron Loomis, Jr.:  Born 16 May 1790.

(b)  Jane Loomis:  Born 11 March 1792.

(c)  Laura Loomis:  Born 17 February 1794.

(d)  Annis Loomis:  Born 23 June 1797.

(e)  Alvin Loomis:  Born 22 December 1800.


f.  Hannah Drake: Born 29 March 1717.  Married (probably) Reverend Daniel Marshall (b.1705, d.1784), son of Deacon Thomas Marshall and Mary Drake (b. 1705, d. 1784), on 11 November 1742 (see p. 112, para i).  Daniel married for a second time in 1747 to Martha Stearns of Tolland.


Enoch and Dorcas (Eggleston) Drake had the following children:


a.  Jerusha Drake: Born 14 June 1720 at Windsor.  Married Samuel Filley (b. 22 Oct 1706, d. 1787), son of Josiah Filley and Esther Eggleston, on 13 August 1739.  Jerusha and Samuel had the following children:


(1)  Jerusha Filley:  Born 3 June 1740.


(2)  Sarah Filley:  Baptized 22 August 1742.


(3)  Aaron Filley:  Born in 1745.


(4)  Unnamed child:  Born and died 2 August 1747.


(5)  Dorothy Filley:  Baptized 20 November 1748.


(6)  Moses Filley:  Baptized 9 February 1752.


b.  Hezekiah Drake: Born 17 January 1721/2 at Windsor.  Married Mary Filley (d. 7 Dec 1785, age 56), daughter of Jonathan Filley and Mary Wilson, in June 1747.  Hezekiah died at Wintonbury Parish 7 October 1763, age 41.  His estate was divided between his widow, Mary, and his brothers and sisters, so he and Mary may not have had children.


Mary married (2nd) Alexander Hoskins, Jr. (b. 1739, d. 15 Mar 1773, age 34), son of Alexander Hoskins, on 14 February 1764.  She married (3rd) Robert Sanford (b. 1730, d. 11 Apr 1810, age 80).  Mary died 7 December 1785, age 56 and is buried next to her second husband, Alexander Hoskins, in the old cemetery at Bloomfield, Connecticut.


c.  Dorcas Drake: Born 11 September 1723 in Wintonbury Parish, Windsor, Connecticut.  Married Isaac Skinner, Jr. (b. 1717, d. 13 Jun 1799), son of Isaac Skinner and Hannah Moore (and brother of Hannah Skinner, who married Noah Drake, p. 134, para e), at Wintonbury on 8 October 1744.  Dorcas and Isaac had the following children:


(1)  Lucy Skinner:  Baptized 17 February 1745 at Wintonbury Parish.


(2)  Isaac Skinner, III:  Baptized 15 March 1747 at Wintonbury Parish.


(3)  Dorcas Skinner:  Baptized 14 December 1755 at Wintonbury Parish.


(4)  Hezekiah Skinner #1:  Baptized 16 April 1758.  Died 7 May 1761.


(5)  Hezekiah Skinner #2:  Baptized 12 February 1764 at Wintonbury Parish.


d.  Dudley Drake: Born 30 August 1725.  Died 3 April 1810.


1790 U.S. Census:  (ref 35a) There was a Dudley Drake heading a household in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.  The household included 1 male over 16 years old; 2 males under 16; and 2 females.


1800 U.S. Census:  (ref 35d) The Dudley Drake mentioned in the 1790 Census was now over 45 years old.  His household also included 1 male 16-26 years old, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female over 45.


e.  Lydia Drake: Born 15 November 1727.  Married Benjamin Loomis, Jr., son of Benjamin Loomis and Joanna Alford, on 27 April 1760.  Benjamin, Jr. had first married Elizabeth Barber on 3 February 1751.  Lydia and Benjamin had two children from 1760 to 1762.


f.  Ebenezer Drake: Born 28 November 1729 at Windsor, Connecticut.  Married Mehitable, widow of Reuben Cook (b. 1726, d. Dec 1762, returning from the Havanna, Cuba expedition), on 23 February 1764 at Wintonbury.  Ebenezer had been in the Revolutionary War and died 4 May 1776.  Reference 125, page 40 indicates Ebenezer also married Martha Steadman.  Ebenezer and Mehitable had the following children, all born at Windsor:


(1)  Mehitable Drake:  Born 28 January 1766 at Wintonbury Parish, Windsor.  Baptized 24 December 1766.  Married 14 April 1785 to Joseph Webster (b. 1 Feb 1762, d. 13 Mar 1839, age 69), son of Sergeant William and Anna (Case) Webster of Wintonbury.  Mehitable died 20 December 1834, age 69.  Mehitable and Joseph had the following children:


(a)  Unnamed son:  Born 9 July 1786.  Died 23 July 1786.

(b)  Joseph Case Webster, Jr.:  Born 9 June 1787.  Baptized 11 January 1801.

(c)  Ebenezer Webster:  Born 22 March 1789.

(d)  Mehitable Webster:  Born 14 October 1791.

(e)  Nancy Webster:  Born 10 December 1795.

(f)  Daniel William Webster:  Born 21 April 1797.

(g)  Clarissa Webster:  Born 23 April 1803.

(h)  Unidentified son:  Died 2 February 1809, age 2 years.


(2)  Ebenezer Drake, Jr.:  Baptized 19 July 1767 at Wintonbury Parish, Windsor.  Served in the Revolutionary War for 3 years.  Moved to Vershire, Vermont, where he married Lois Hale about February 1791.  Ebenezer, Jr. died 1 April 1824.  Lois married (2nd) David Brewer and she died 2 May 1843.  Ebenezer and Lois had the following children:


(a)  Polly Drake:  Born 25 March 1793 at Vershire, Vermont.  Married 2 December 1812 to David Paine (b. 8 Nov 1788 in Plainfield, N.H., d. 20 Apr 1870), son of Jesse and Polly (Robinson) Paine.  David served in the War of 1812.  Polly died 19 December 1870.  They had 5 children: Julianna Paine, Cynthia Paine, Lyman Paine, Louis Paine, and David Paine, Jr.

(b)  Laura Drake:  Married a Comstock.

(c)  Clarissa Drake:  Married a Hutchins.


(3)  Hezekiah Drake:  Born 1 March 1767.  Baptized 19 July 1767 at Wintonbury Parish, Windsor.  Married 15 March 1802 in Vershire, Vermont to Judith Prescott.  They moved from Oneida County, New York in 1821 to Concord and located near Eighteen-Mile Creek, in the north part of the town, where they lived until Hezekiah's death in 1848.  Judith (Prescott) Drake, age 68, was living with her son, Ira E. Drake in Concord, New York in 1850 (ref 77).  Hezekiah and Judith had the following children:


(a)  Hezekiah Freeman Drake, Jr.:  Born 25 November 1802 in Vershire, Vermont.  Died in 1825.

(b)  Lydia Drake:  Born 30 November 1803 in Vershire.  Married Thomas Streeter and moved to Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin.  Died in 1886.

(c)  John Prescott Drake:  Born 17 September 1805 in Vershire.  Married (1st) in December 1825 to Mary (Polly) Chubbuck (b. 2 Apr 1806 in Oneida Co., N.Y., d. 6 Oct 1871 in Stockbridge, WI), daughter of Job and Susan (Miller) Chubbuck.  Married

(2nd) in 1875 to Roby (?).  John died 8 July 1887 in Stockbridge, Wisconsin.  John and Mary had 9 children.

(d)  Isaac S. Drake:  Born 1 March 1808 in Vershire.  Died in 1830.

(e)  Rhoda Drake:  Born 1 May 1811 in Vershire.  Married John Chubbuck.  Rhoda died in 1857.  Rhoda and John had 4 children.

(f)  Ebenezer Harrison Drake:  Born 6 November 1812 in Vershire.  Married in September 1843 to Mary Betsey Goodrich (b. Fairhaven, VT), daughter of Josiah and Lucy (Brown) Goodrich of Benson, Vermont.  Ebenezer was a school teacher in Erie County, New York for a time and eventually became an overseer in the Buffalo, New York penitentiary.  He and Mary had two daughters.

(g)  Ira Evans Drake:  Born 28 March 1817 in Oneida County, New York.  He was 4 years old when his parents moved to Concord, New York.  Married 22 October 1840 to Maria Agard (b. 12 Jan 1818, d. 15 Dec 1885), daughter of Joshua and Lucy (Sibley) Agard of Concord.  Ira died 18 October 1896.  Ira and Maria had 5 children.

(h)  Mary Drake:  Born in 1819.  In 1880 she was 61 years old and living with her brother, Ira, in Concord, New York.


(4)  Isaac Drake:  Baptized 6 February 1769.  His wife died at Orford, New Hampshire 12 May 1829, age 64.  Isaac died in June 1857 at Orford.


(5)  James Wood Drake:  Baptized 26 August 1770.  Married 23 March 1796 to Abigail Cross (b. Vershire, VT).  James and Abigail had the following children:


(a)  Harriet Drake:  Born 1 July 1799.  Died 30 April 1800, age 9 months.

(b)  Ruby Drake:  Born 31 March 1800.

(c)  James Drake, Jr.:  Born 12 June 1802.

(d)  Roxcina Drake:  Born 30 August 1804.  Died 16 April 1807, age 2 years, 10 months, 11 days.

(e)  Ira Drake:  Born 30 August 1806.

(f)  Orrin Drake:  Born in 1812.  Married (1st) in 1837 to Maria Abbott (d. 1869) of Colden, Erie County, New York.  In the 1850 U.S. Census Orrin's wife was Hannah, age 33 (ref 77).  Orrin and Maria had two children: Oscar Menso Drake and Orrin Allen Drake, Jr.


(6)  Lyman Drake:  Born 6 May 1772 at Windsor.  Moved from Otsego County, New York in 1810 and settled near Eighteen-mile Creek in the north part of Concord, New York.  Married (1st) 1 May 1791 to Polly Wright.  Married (2nd) to Irena Cole (b. 13 Mar 1776 in R.I., d. 26 Feb 1859), daughter of Wheeler and Eunice (Ingalls) Cole.  Lyman died in 1818.  Lyman and Polly had the following children:


(a)  Lyman Drake, Jr.:  Born 12 May 1792.  Died in November, 1812.

(b)  Isaac Drake:  Born 7 February 1795.  Married Minerva Andrews.  Isaac died 30 June 1873 at Milton, Rock County, Wisconsin.  They had a daughter, Almira Drake.


Lyman and Irena had the following children:


(a)  Wheeler Cole Drake:  Born 4 December 1799.  Moved to Concord, New York with his family in 1810.  Married about 1833 to Mrs. Sarah Buckingham (Churchill) Humphrey (b. 17 Sep 1799, d. 14 Dec 1875, age 76 years, 2 months), daughter of Edward Churchill, Sr. (b. in CN).  Wheeler died 1 September 1868, age 69 years, 8 months.  He and Sarah B., his wife, are buried in the Canfield Cemetery, Cobble Hill, New York.  They had 3 sons: Lyman Wheeler Drake, Edward Cole Drake, and Marshall Clinton Drake.

(b)  Polly Drake:  Born 11 October 1801.  Died 12 March 1878.  Note:  She may be the Mary Drake who married an Andrews and was 48 years old in the 1850 U.S. Census (ref 77).

(c)  James Drake:  Born 9 September 1803.  Died in 1809.

(d)  Cordella Drake:  Born 9 April 1805.  Died 21 January 1890.

(e)  Eben Drake:  Born 22 January 1807.  Died 9 January 1848.  Had three children: Howell Drake, Irene G. Drake, and Austin Sherman Drake.

(f)  Oren Drake:  Born in 1811.  Died in 1819.

(g)  Daniel David Drake: Born 29 January 1812.

(h)  George Washington Drake:  Born 22/23 March 1815 in Concord, New York.  Married 1 December 1840 to Jane Eliza Humphrey (b. 9 Nov 1820 at Ballston Spa, N.Y., d. 21 May 1861, age 40 years, 5 months, 22 days), daughter of Nathan Egbert and Sarah Buckingham (Churchill) Humphrey (see (a), above).  They lived in Hamburg, New York and had 6 children.

(i)  Eliza Ann Drake:  Born 10 July 1818.


(7)  Clarissa Drake:  Born 6 May 1772.  Married 11 April 1793 to Theodore Wadsworth, son of Elisha Wadsworth of Hartford, Connecticut.  They were living in Northington, New York in 1844.


(8)  Ira Drake:  Baptized 30 April 1775.  Impressed into the British Navy as a young man and was never heard from again.  According to a family tradition, he was sold as a slave to the Turks.


(9)  Reuben Drake:  Baptized 6 July 1776 at Wintonbury Parish.  Married Abigail (Nabby) Cooley (b. 18 Dec 1783, d. 5 Jan 1832) in Vermont, where he was a Captain in the Vermont Militia for several years.  He moved from Vermont to Jefferson County, New York, and from there to Concord, New York in 1834.  Reuben died at Concord 4 December 1865.  Reuben and Abigail had the following children:


(a)  Cyrena Drake:  Born 6 February 1803/6 in Connecticut.  Married 27 November 1822 to Chester Kies (Keyes) Sedgwick (b. 19 Jul 1799, d. at Plymouth, WI 14 May 1860) of Hartford, Connecticut.  His father was born 17 May 1771; his mother 4 Sep 1779.  Cyrena died 6 June 1863 at Plymouth, Wisconsin.  Cyrena and Chester had 4 children.

(b)  Julia Drake:  Born 27 March 1809 in Connecticut.  Baptized 4 August 1822 in Wintonbury Parish.  Married 12 February 1829 to Arvin Ray Bonesteel (b. 8 Jul 1805, d. 8 Feb 1888), son of John and Betsy (Hill) Bonesteel.  They lived in East Otto, Cattaraugus County, New York and had 5 children.  Julia died 25 February 1893.

(c)  Reuben Cooley Drake, Jr.:  Born 10 October 1814 at Wintonbury Parish near Hartford.  Baptized 4 August 1822 at Wintonbury Parish.  At the age of 15 Reuben moved with his father to Jefferson County, New York and then moved to Concord in the Spring of 1834.  Married 19 December 1850 to Mary Wood (b. 19 Aug 1825), daughter of Robert and Mary (Howe) Wood of Gainesville, New York.  They had 2 children.   Reuben died 1 January 1888 at Concord, New York.

(d)  Abigail Jenette Drake:  Born 2 September 1815 at Windsor.  Baptized 4 August 1822 at Wintonbury.  Married 26 March 1835 to Henry Ackley (Akerly) (b. 26 Apr 1814), son of Charles and Chloe (Putnam) Ackley.  They lived in Boston, Erie County, New York and had 2 daughters.  Abigail died 24 August 1892.

(e)  James Leonard Drake:  Born 27 September 1820 at Windsor.  Baptized 4 August 1822 at Wintonbury.  Married 23 February 1851 to Esther Yaw (b. 18 Apr 1824), daughter of Jiram and Mary (Torrey) Yaw, in Boston, New York.  They lived in Buffalo, New York and had 5 children.  James died 14 January 1917.

(f)  Orimel Keep (Hinckley) Drake:  Baptized 4 August 1822 at Wintonbury, Connecticut.  Married 13 April 1850 to Melvina Woodward (had wife named Amanda at the time of the 1850 U.S. Census (ref 77)) (b. 28 Jun 1828), daughter of Philander and Samantha (Conkling) Woodward.  They lived in Concord, Erie County, New York and had 3 daughters.  Orimel died 17 December 1880.

(g)  Chloe Drake:  Born 19 January 1825.  Baptized 13 May 1826 at Wintonbury.  Married 12 July 1846 to Orrin Sillick Baker (b. 29 Sep 1820), son of Joshua and Wealthy (Canfield) Baker.  They lived in Boston, New York and had 8 children.

(h)  Ira Drake:  Died young.


g.  Isaac Drake: Born 13 July 1733.  According to reference 46, Isaac enlisted in the Fourth Company, First Regiment, under the command of Major Phineas Lyman during the French and Indian War.  He died at Lake George, New York on 26 October 1755 while assigned to Captain Benjamin Allyn's Company.


4.  Samuel Drake


Born 27 July 1688.  Probably died young.


5.  Hannah Drake


Born 6 October 1695 at Windsor, Connecticut, Hannah married Remembrance Sheldon of Hartford Connecticut on 19 February 1718/9.  He was the son of Captain John and Elizabeth (Pratt) Sheldon, from whom he received land in Windsor.  Of related interest, in 1762, Epaphras Sheldon of Torrington and Remembrance Sheldon of Windsor quitclaimed to Jerusha Sheldon some land in Windsor.  Hannah died 31 March 1758.  She and Remembrance had the following children:


a.  Elisha Sheldon: Born 29 February 1719/20.


b.  Jerusha Sheldon: Born at Windsor on 27 November 1722.  According to reference 75, she married (1st) Nathaniel Bissell and (2nd) Samuel Filer (b. 19 Dec 1716), son of Thomas Filer and Elizabeth Grant.  Reference 77 indicates Jerusha was unmarried in 1762.  He died 1 May 1798.


c.  Epaphras Sheldon: Born 24 September 1726.  Lived in Torrington, Connecticut in 1762.  Married Eunia Allen on 30 April 1752.  Epaphras and Eunia had two children from 1753 to 1755.


d.  Remembrance Sheldon, Jr.: Born 23 October 1728.  Married (1st) Sarah Eggleston (b. 16 Mar 1726, d. 7 Nov 1761, age 35), probably the daughter of Jedediah Eggleston and Sarah Moore, on 31 January 1751.  Remembrance and Sarah had four children.  Remembrance married for a second time to a lady named Mary.


e.  Hannah Sheldon: Died 31 March 1758.


Note: This daughter of Hannah and Remembrance Sheldon is not mentioned in reference 77.


5.  Biographical notes:


Son of John (10) and Hannah (Moore) Drake of Windsor, Connecticut.  Born 8 December 1655 at Windsor, Connecticut, he died at Windsor on 21 August 1698.  At death his estate totalled 372 pounds/05/00.



*  Note:  References throughout are to the numbers assigned to people by Frank B. Gay in The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor Connecticut, published in 1933.




REFERENCES:  11,44,75,77,78,123,132,136,153



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